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    checkin extention with epo46 kills McAfee Application Server

      Before to migrate to ePO 46 we configured a test environment and installed a new ePolicy Orchestrator 46 from scratch (no migration of datas from our production server 45)

      on a new dedicated server 2008 R2 with local SQL-Express 2005 database.

      - server connect correctly with McAfee

      - we checked all basic products without problems (McAfee agent 45 / Vrusscan 88 / HIPS 8)

      - All DATs and Engine are perfectly update

      - MyAvert connect pefectly and reports all packages as "up-to-dat"


      BUT when we start to check-in an Extention, the McAfee Application Server service stops unattendly.


      We heave the same problem when we try to check-in an extention throught  the Software manager. Download is OK / Check-in kills the McAfee Application Server Service


      Any experience with that symptom / problem?

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