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    HDLP manual uninstall


      HDLP was installed on some test systems in my network. It was installed through an old ePO server. That server has been torn down and a new one stood up. I can no longer see DLP on these systems through the ePO console.


      Further, if I try to uninstall through add/remove programs, there is a challenge response that I can't get past due to the fact that the old server is dead.


      Now, I need to find a way to manually uninstall those DLP agents/ software and then I'll need to do a reinstall through the new ePO server. I'm not finding any docs on how to proceed safely. Any tips? I would think this would be in the standards product guide etc. docs, but no luck yet.



      ePO 4.5 patch 4

      HDLP Agent version

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          sorry - the only supported way to remove it would be through the EPO server which deployed it :-( The challenge code is designed to stop users disabling the protection.


          I guess you could deploy it again to these machines from your current EPO server though? That should get you back into control...

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            Very well. My only concern then would be whether I can simply force an install over the existing DLP agents (which do interestingly show up in the host properties of the system even though the DLP extensions have not yet been installed on the new ePO server) or whether I would have to manually uninstall before doing the re-install. Thanks for your help.

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              If you want to upgrade to HDLP 9.1, just push the new package - that will uninstall the previous and install the new.


              If you want to keep the existing version - you need to specify the shared path, DLPWCF path etc. in the new ePO server agent configuration page.


              - A

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