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      Running Windows Vista basic. About a month ago outbox mail would not go, inbound email continues as normal, as far as I am aware there have been no changes to the setting on my system, Looking through the comments on this site it would appear that McAfee could be at fault. the version I have is 7.2 Build 7.2.147 any help would really be appreciated, not to technical please
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          There's too much information which you haven't provided....

          Which version of McAfee do you have installed? "the version I have is 7.2 Build 7.2.147" What is that? Are you talking about a McAFee product and if so, where do you find that version number? I'm not familiar with any such version number unless you're talking about the retail "Security Center" builds.. If that's the case, then you might take a look at the discussion at the link below:


          Could you post any EXACT error message you're seeing when the mail is blocked?

          Since you've posted in the corporate forums, the ONLY corporate version of McAfee supported on Vista is VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i.. Do you have that? Or are you using an old version of the "retail" McAfee?

          And why do you think it's McAfee.?? If you uninstall McAfee does your email work? Try disabling the firewall temporarily?

          Which email client are you using? Vista's mail client? Microsoft Outlook? Something else? And if you're using Microsoft Outlook, which version? Is it supported in Vista?

          Hope this helps and let us know more.