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    Information for creating Custom FASL scripts?


      Is there any documentation out there for creating custom FASL scripts for Foundstone? I have the Foundscan Database Utility but cannot find any documentation out there on it. The only thing I can find is within various discussions on this site. One said you had to attend a class for it (which I actually attended the Foundstone Admin class in Dec. of last year and they said they were no longer offering it because there was not enough interest in it) and the other said you had to be a platinum member. Seems a little funny to me it's advertised on the Data Sheet..... but wait only if you're a platinum customer. http://www.mcafee.com/us/resources/data-sheets/ds-vulnerability-manager.pdf


      Are there any other options out there?


      on 6/2/11 1:36:21 PM CDT