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    ePO Product Deployment question

      I have a deployment task in ePO4.5 to deliver MA 4.5 to a small number of machines. This will be an upgrade from the existing MA Originally I had the schedule to run once per day at 9.00PM and I left it overnight and the two test systems I targetted one upgraded the other did not. Also the option to run at every policy enforcement intervall is selected. To further test after the failur I sent the task to run every 30 mins. Still no joy.


      On the machine that did not upgrade n the morning I did an agent wake up call with full product properties selected. This still did not upgade the MA. Only by going onto the failing machine and going to the Agent Status Monitor and clicking Collect and send properties, Send events, Check for new Policies, Enforce Policies did the MA actually upgrade.


      Any ideas my this might be happening?

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          Can you try install MA via command /forceinstall?


          On the local client:


          cmd > generated package from ePO with command = framepkg.exe /forceinstall


          Via remote install:


          1) download psexec tool - http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897553

          2) copy package framepgk.exe on the local client to the folder c:/temp/

          3) run cmd and browser folder where is downloaded psexec.exe and use this command >

          psexec \\name_pc "C:\Temp\framepkg.exe" /Install=AGENT /FORCEINSTALL /SILENT


          If new MA still not installed, you have to open registry on the client computer and remove this tree > [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Installer\Products\ADE3EF6381C0ED8439B49D68 F2287A8A] - ADE... is McAfee Agent, it is possible, that you have another description.


          Good luck.




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            Attila Polinger



            The FRMINST_hostname.LOG and the MFEagent.msi.x.x.xxx.log might tell you more about the failure. Look for the timestamp of the failing installation.

            (You might find this file on that computer at %TEMP%\McAfeeLogs folder.)



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