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    SecurityCenter v11?


      Is this new out?


      I had an update and it wasn't moving, then my McAfee wouldn't update, and it wasn't responding, so I closed it, and then it kind of looked like a mixture of the two in Security Reports because it was all over the place.


      And then when I went to shut down my laptop because two processors were murdering the computer, It wouldn't shut down and hanged on "Shutting Down..." screen, so I had to hard-reboot and the Windows Error Recovery screen came up.


      When I first logged in, McAfee's Real time was on/off again, but it fixed itself after I updated,


      Then I rebooted.


      It looks good, but updating and Scanning uses more CPU than it used to, and Trusted items isn't working, or am I just blind?


      P.S, Updating takes longer than V10, but Scanning seems to be lightning quick.


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