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    McAfee 8 Cannot Update!

      I am in UK and getting the licensed McAfee-8 from my school. It used to run well. Few days ago, I reinstalled the OS (windows XP) and its SP2, then McAfee. In the process of installation, no any message of mistake. but it always failed to update. Then I uninstalled it; then install 88 0f 89 windows updates. Then I install McAfee again and update it manually, but fail again. Then I uninstall it again.

      Few minutes ago I reinstall it and then update it manually the third time. Updating fails another time. The last sentence of the message when updating is finishing is "file SK-det.mcs is corrupt. Update finished". I guess this "corrupt" is the reason.

      The McAfee is of version 8-4677.

      Please help me! I am worried in these days since the computer has not a proper antivirus tool.

      This thread moved from Security Center 8 as user has not responded to my latest questions HERE so am assuming this is about VirusScan Enterprise - MOD
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          Are you updating from mcafee or a central repository?
          Are you using CMA/EPO agents if so what version?
          you mean SK_det.mcs not SK-det.mcs dont you?
          • 2. Updating, but doesn't look right.

            I've had a similar problem to the other post in this topic. I've had no problems with my licensed copy of VirusScan Enterprise 8.0.0 in the past. (pretty sure it's the i version too). It's got the 5300 engine and has managed to update fine until the last few days. I got the pesky reminder from Windows that my Virus protection might be out of date, so I updated it.

            Problem is, it runs through from start to finish Ok, even says 'Update Finished' at the end, but it's not downloading much. It just verifies and extracts the catalogue but doesn't install any other updates like it usually does. Because of this, my warning message from Windows security won't disappear either.

            Bit confused as to why it only seems to partially work.

            Hope I've put this post in the right place and I hope someone can help me.