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    Epson Scanner driver stops working - looks like McAfee blocks it?

      I have multiple PCs but have found that when I loaded drivers for my desktop scanner (Epson Perfection 1670) and began scanning, that the process halts.  This locks up my laptop PC and leaves the scan hanging.

      Laptop PC is Dell XPS model + Windows 7 Ultimate.


      The scanner works fine on my Dell Desktop XPS 430.  Also Windows 7 Ultimate.  The only difference is that the laptop runs McAfee, while the desktop runs Norton. 


      I have consulted Epson and I am using their latest compliant driver/scanner utility on both PCs.  I have also checked with Dell, there is no explanation from the PC angle but they believe there must be a setting in McAfee that prevents the scanner communicating properly with my laptop PC.  They did suggest 'checking -(x)' - file sharing under Firewall Settings, but this didn't work either.


      Can anyone suggest what might be wrong and what settings I should be using to allow the scanner to operate through McAfee Security Centre?


      Thank you.