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    Ironmail 6.7.2 hf5 - CPU utilization / Super Queue buildup



      Anyone else out there running this version of Ironmail and having problems with a random buildup of messages (oftentimes > 7000) in Super Queue?    Whenever we see our queues buildup to this level, CPU utlization is somewhere between 75-80%... would expect this at 90 or 100%, but not that low.


      Apparently this is an issue with certain inbound attachments and is being addressed in hf6, but would be interested to know how everyone else is handling this issue in the meantime...




      on 01/06/11 12:15:03 CDT PM
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          Since no one has replied (yet, I hope).. just thought I would add that I've been told indirectly that this is a hardware issue (I run Gen3 E5000) in that the hf5 code was not optimized to support this platform and the hf6 will not support it either.   So I guess now my next question is for those who are running 6.7.2 hf5 - what are you running it on, and again, are you seeing any resource issues as a result?



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            Hi omarcelino,


            We're also running 6.7.2 HF5 and notice the CPU spikes to around 60% when the SuperQ restarts itself.

            We previously had an issue where the SuperQ would perform a coredump and restart when recieving certain attachments however this has improved greatly since HF5,

            However when we had the issue we specifically disabled checking .pdf attachments which mitigated the problem.

            its a bit concerning that there could be hardware issues