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    port forwarding sg560

      I have a sg560, I am adding a mitel 5000 (teleworker) to my office and having trouble setting up rules so my phones at a office accross town can see the teleworker.

      I need to open port 69 or 20001 and many others but first need it to connect to the tftp server.

      Any help on setting these rules up?

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          This will work without port forwarding....I know as I have a mitel teleworker on my desk.

          The ports you mention are in respect to connections initiated by the phone to hosts on the internet.


          All the local LAN needs to provide is IP settings via DHCP with a configured operational default gateway, and the phone should work.


          Is access restricted to the internet from internal hosts ?

          If so, you will need to allow out the ports and services you mention.


          Hope this helps.

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            The phones in the office connect fine..The phones at the remote office can not find the tftp server.

            I created my group services of ports and created one port forwarding (nat) and got it to work tonight.

            I ceated a alias for the portB but could not get it to work with that so I went back to the other ip.

            Once you create a alias it should match the network port B right?


            Thank you for your help,



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              I misunderstood, sorry...the 560 is in front of the server, not the telworker.


              I assume the alias IP packets are bing routed correctly to you from the upstream gateway from port B ?


              Diagnostics -> Packet Capture is a useful tool in verifying packets are being sent to you.


              Hope this helps.