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    Installation never start


      I can't install McAfee internet security on my computer; here's the facts


      I run Windows Xp Proffersional (Sony Vaio) and it once came with a preinstalled trial-version of McAffe which I used the whole free period. After that I used my fathers account, he's got 3 licences. Once his first period of McAffe internet security ended he bought a new one and told me, just push the validate-button, and it should be fine.. When that diden't work I uninstalled Mcafee from Windowsuninstall-manager and download an installation of mcafee from my fathers account on mcaffe:s webbsite.

      When I start the installation it tells me that I got some kind of threat on my computer that I should delete (but without a virusprogram I can't delete anything) it also guides me to a link to mcafee:s webbsite, but the link only desplays that it cant find the right page on mcafee:s site.

      When I still choose to proceed with the installation I get to type in my accouninformation (my fathers) and then clicks OK.

      When it says that it gathering information about my account and then its not doing anything more.

      I've took a look around searching for the problem and found that there is a speciall uninstallprogram for mcafee, tried that, reeboot, and tried a second time the installation, same thing again.

      I also tried to create a new computeraccount with "adminrights" but same problem here.

      How can I install Mcafee??


      Please could you assist me with this tricky question

      I apologize for any misspelled word and of any incorrect sentences

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          Jayadeep NR


          You may please run MCPR using below link to remove all the traces of McAfee from your computer and run McPreInstall tool to remove temporary files. Restart the computer in safe mode with networking and open Internet Explorer>> Click on "Tools">> Internet Options>> click on “LAN Settings” and let me know if “Automatically detect settings”, “Use automatic configuration script” and the boxes under “Proxy Servers” are unchecked. Now click on “Advanced” tab and then click on Reset>>Apply>>Ok. If “Reset” is not displayed you can click on “Restore Default”. If “Apply” if not highlighted click on “Ok”.


          PS : To enter “Safe Mode with Networking”, you need to restart the computer. While the computer reboots, you need to keep tapping F8 key on your keyboard. Then it will take you to the page (Windows Startup screen) from which you can select “Safe Mode with Networking" from the list, using the up and down arrow keys of the keyboard. After selecting “Safe Mode with Networking”, press the Enter key.Then your system will boot up in Safe Mode with Networking.

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            Hi thank you for your reply,

            I did the MCPR and McPreInstall, rebooted in safe mode with networking.

            In internet Explorer options I didnt have any box checked, not the “Automatically detect settings”, “Use automatic configuration script”,

            In Proxy/advanced I didn't have a reset or a restore tab, only an OK-tab.


            When I then tried to start the installaton it showed me a new errormessage;

            Error 76556, with a link "Try to download the files", wich is not working.

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              Jayadeep NR

              It will be good if you contact our technical support through below link and allow them to remotely access your computer and they will help you to install McAfee.+