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    What is the recommended method to integrate Foundstone Ticketing with an external HelpDesk

      Hi All,


      We have decided that we would prefer to track our vulnerability tickets in ManageEngine's ServiceDesk  Plus (please don't ask me why...sigh...) so I am trying to get tickets generated in Foundstone to export. We have everything set up in ServiceDesk to receive an email sent to a specific address and create a problem ticket with the email info automatically. The problem I am having is that the Foundstone notifications concerning Tickets (specifically exporting tickets) does not seem intuitive at all. I have the system set to send a notification when tickets are Assigned for Export:


      Send Event Notification When Ticket Generated   Ticket Assigned for Export
      Vulnerability Detail Path https://server/notifications/vuln_detail.exp

      Problem I have is that when I select a ticket and export it...no notification is sent out. I manually assign the exported ticket back to a user and here come the notifications to the user about the manual assignment. Is the Ticket Assigned for Export  supposed to be used in this manner? I am thinking about running a SQL command to clear away all my tickets, setting the system to send notification on Ticket Generation and re-running my scans to see if THAT might generate the expected email. Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.


      We are currently running MVM 7.0