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    EMM - Gmail




           I have installed EMM v9.5; my question is, can i use Gmail to work with EMM ?? If yes, how can i do that.


      Thanks and regards.

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          Yes, you can use Gmail to work with EMM.  Only caveat is that you need to select the "ActiveSync Authentication" when you are installing. 

          • ActiveSync Server:  Enter in your EMMPortal server FQDN - fully qualitifed domian name.  Example:  mobile.company.com
          • Domain Name:  gmail.com
          • Verification Email address: current user
          • Verifiacation password:
          • ActiveSync External Address:  m.google.com


          You will have to reinstall EMM as there is no migration path from the AD/Domino Auth to ActiveSync.




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            Hi Mike,


              What happend with the portal certificate ?. Now, i remember that EMM has only 2 ways of Authentication (AD and Domino), where we get the ActiveSync Authentication ?.



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              You still need the portal certificate as the installer will still ask for that.  When you get to the Authentication screen, the drop down will have 3 options.  One of the options is the ActiveSync Authentication.  You need to select this during the installation because you cannot select that authe method after EMM is installed.

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                Thanks Mike,


                  i will install another server to work with.



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                  Anyone get EMM to work with Gmail? I set up the auth directory as described here, configured a policy with ActiveSync Endpoint of 'Other' and pointing the external EMM to m.google.com. Do I also need to check 'Configure an ActiveSync account while provisioning'?


                  Every time I install the profile/enterprise activation my iPhone pulls the Starter Policy.


                  Thanks in advance.