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    Issues with


      Ever since I upgraded to, we have seen these warning messages.  We have not had a "green" day since the upgrade, all yellow.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!



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          Jon Scholten

          Hey Jonathan,


          I may be corrected later, but the indicator (for performance) will be the color of the "highest severity" incident reported on a particular day. So since the CRL failed to update (which is yellow) your entire day will show as yellow. This isnt too much cause for concern, but some CRL in the configuration needs to be reviewed.


          At this point though, the cluster incident  alerts charts are very new, so any suggestions to improve it or make it more useful would be accepted (I'm sure Michael has an open ear).



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            I found the issue to be this certificate ----




            There is no https://www.trustcenter.de/crl/v2/tcclass4.crl.  If you try to browse there, you get a webpage and not a CRL file to download.


            What do you suggest I do?

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              Jon Scholten

              Well, that certificate is not valid anymore (see the "Not after" date), so you can just remove that certificate.



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                Yes, I noticed that as well, just wanted to make sure it was okay to remove it.



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                  Are these CA certificates supposed to be getting updated automatically.  I was looking through this list and found a bunch of certificates that are expired.  Are they okay to remove?


                  I am also still getting the same error ---- so deleting that certificate did not fix the error. 9.png




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                    Jon Scholten

                    The certificates themselves are not removed/updated in the automatic update process, only the CRLs associated with the certificates you have are updated.


                    With appliances upgrades the certificates themselves do removed/updated, typically they reflect the certificates you have loaded into in IE/FF etc. so that may be why you see some older certificates. Also, the example you gave earlier expired somewhat recently.