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    McAfee Firewall Enterprise - v7 to v8 Upgrade Webinar

      If your are considering upgrading from v7 to v8 please consider attend the following Webinar.


      Join  us for a Webinar on June 1


      Have    you been considering an upgrade to McAfee Firewall Enterprise v8 or have    you recently upgraded? We want to make sure your transition    goes as smoothly    as possible.
          Join product experts from Technical Support, Product Management,    Engineering and QA as
      we guide you through the 'live' upgrade process, review    product differences between v7 and v8 and teach you some best practices for    the best possible upgrade experience.




      System    Requirements
          PC-based attendees
          Required: Windows® 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server


      Macintosh®-based    attendees
          Required: Mac OS® X 10.4.11 (Tiger®) or newer


      Reserve  your Webinar seat now at:




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          The videos are available in KB717333, which can be accessed through



          TU30231 - Firewall Enterprise: Overview of the version 7 to version 8 upgrade


          TU30232 - Firewall Enterprise 8: Basics of rule and Application Defense


          TU30233 - Firewall Enterprise 8: How to configure outbound web browsing

          TU30234 - Firewall Enterprise 8: How to preserve your upgraded Application

          Defense settings and rename them to make your policy clearer

          TU30235 - Firewall Enterprise 8: How to add the default version 8 Application

          Defenses that are not present after an upgrade

          TU30236 - Firewall Enterprise 8: How to convert your upgraded rules to cleaner

          version 8 style rules

          TU30237 - Firewall Enterprise 8: Explanation of the http/HTTP/https and

          Confidential McAfee Internal Use Only

          SSL/TLS applications at version 8 and moving to version 8 objects