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    how to display the remaining time quota in minutes..



      i tried to display the remaining time quota at the McAfee notification page but it displayed in seconds..

      is there a way to display the number in minutes instead of seconds??



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          Hi Ahmad,


          this is possible. You need to use a userDefined property. For example I have logged the remaining Quota in the warning page which shows the form to accept the Quota and access the Internet, such as:




          See the "30" after "Please note". This reflects 30 Minutes, which is the default daily quota. Of course you can place this everywhere on the template and add some noce comments for your users, I just want to demonstrate how this can be done.


          In the default Quota Rule Set please edit the "Check If Time Session Has Been Exceeded" rule (the second one). Edit the Rule, go to "Events", click "Add" and choose "Set Propery value". Click "Add" again to add a new userDefined property, which should be configured as below:



          Click OK to add the proprety. Now use the "Add numbers" button to configure what our new property should contain. In my examples the Quota.TimeRemainingDay divided by 60, to convert from seconds to minutes:



          Hit OK. The Rule Set for Quota should now look similar to this:



          Finally modify the template "Time Session Exceeded". Be careful that you do not modify the "Time Quota Exceeded". The "Time Session Exceeded" is the template shown to the user to "push the button", the "Time Quota Exceeded" is the template that tells the User that there is no more Quota left.


          Edit the template and click "Add" -> "Property" on the position you want to show the remaining minutes. Choose the following:


          Property: Number.ToString (Number)

          Parameters: Property: User-Defined.quotaMinute


          This should work.




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            many thanks asabban..

            it is working well..