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    Delay DAT file update, mirroring

      Is it possible to delay the DAT file update?

      That is, Day 1: download load the files from repository to a mirror location.

      Then, on day 2, run Auto update with the DAT file from the mirror (instead of the newest DAT from repository)


      I have thought of the following:


      1. Create a Mirror task to run on Day 1. This task will put the files on c:\mcafee_mirror\


      2. Change the autorepository list:
      Disable NAI HTTP
      Change the NAI FTP repository to point to "Local Path" = c:\mcafee_mirror


      3. Schedule Autoupdate to Day 1.


      There is one problem with this plan: How will the Mirror task find the (original) repository?

      There is only one Autorepository list (which is now changed to point to a local folder)