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    Migrate Endpoint Encryption Manager

      Hi folks,


      Currently I am using Endpoint Encryption Manager v5.1.9. I plan to migrate to another server, which mean after migrate I still using same IP address but different hostname. I do asked McAfee support regarding this issues, they mention that we cannot migrate to another server by using different hostname because server ID will be different.


      The problem that I'm facing right now, we already migrate Endpoint Encrytion Manager to another server by using different hostname and same IP address. I can't do anything because migration not success. Can you give me temporary solution for this problem? How to use old EEM (but different IP address and same hostname)? As mention by McAfee support, the only solution to solve my problem is change back the original IP address to the old server. However, I cannot revert back the IP address to the original because of we already installed ePO within that server.


      Support mention, procedure that mention within Knowledgebase can only apply for new server, how about the existing server? Hopefully anyone can help me on this.