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    Mcafee EndPoint Encryption local database corrupted.



      Mcafee EE 5.2.9 client has problem in synchronizing with server.


      Error is "Error[e0050043]: unable to open client data store attribute". Laptop is in XP Professional.


      What i have done so far are:


      (1) Boot with WinTech Safeboot and try to remove Mcafee EE but got error again " E002001B"

      (2) Try to recreate new user and resynched again but failed.


      Is there a way to force updated DB exported from Mcafee EE server to client?

      Or how to force decrypt the hard disk

      Or how to completely uninstall without loosing usre data.


      User still can login to PC but the problem is I have setup SSO and setting from server is not sync with laptop and having issue with it.






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