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    USB modem filled with viruses - can't uninstall USB ACF modem in windows uninstaller

      I purchased a USB modem while in Afghanistan.  I needed fax capability while overseas (used in combination with magic jack....worked wonders with a previous USB modem).  Anyway, I left my good USB modem at home and decided to get the only one available at a local electronics shop in Afghanistan.  I installed the modem and software which came with the device.  For over a month  I started seeing inconsistencies in my computer and realized McAfee may have had a bug.  Called customer support and they recommended I uninstall McAfee and reinstall it.  That's when the world came crashing down.  The minute McAfee was gone my system went nuts.  I couldn't reinstall McAfee or any anti-virus for that matter.  The only option was to format the drives and start over.  After a clean install of Windows 7 64 bit with all of the patches, McAFee, and MS Office (nothing else installed) I made a system image and backed everything up. 


      Since at that time I didn't know where the bug came from I started putting the software I needed on the system little by little.  I'd install 2-3 programs, do a complete scan, and wait a few days before installing anything else.  Everything was going fine until I needed to fax something and installed the USB fax modem/software.  That's when I realized the Chinese piece of junk USB modem or the software associated was my culprit.  Immediately after installing McAfee shut down and wouldn't come on.  Uninstalled the modem software immediately and McAfee was still blocked from coming on.  Without formatting I used the system image created a few days prior and got everything working again.


      Here's my problem.  The modem software wasn't part of my image and is gone from my system.  However, when I go into Windows uninstaller there's still an icon saying USB ACF modem.  When I try to uninstall it nothing happens.  I used Glary utilities uninstaller and it doesn't see the USB ACF modem to uninstall.  Did a complete scan with McAfee total protection and it says the system is clean.