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      I have recently purchased McAfe security but I cannot find out how to use 'identity safe' (like Norton) whereby when I log on to certain websites, my password and username are already recorded and pop up automatically?

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          You can delete what is saved in Internet explorer and disanle in internet options/content and autocomplete the saving of passwaords but that not what you are asking is it.


          Oh see what norton Identity safe is but unsure what is the mcafee equivalent?


          Will ask Monday moderator call if you can wait till then.

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            Identitysafe is merely a trade name for a process included in Norton 360 and Internet Security products and that name belongs to the Symantec Corporation.  McAfee has specific 'Identity Protection'  software but for licensing reasons it's only available in the USA at the moment. 


            However the function of remembering user names and passwords belongs to your browser and therefore depends on the browser settings and that is protected by various processes in McAfee security software.


            McAfee has both browser security and anti-phishing software incorporated in its suites that serves much the same function of protecting you, but I don't know of any that acts like a secure wallet, if that's what you are looking for, probably not,  other than the aforementioned http://home.mcafee.com/Store/PackageDetail.aspx?pkgid=363  and, as I said, that requires a US Social Security Number and address.


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              Jayadeep NR

              There is no option like identity safe as in Norton with McAfee Security. You can use Auto complete option comes with Internet Explorer instead.