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    Netware servers don't appear in my ePO Console

      I have a newer ePO 3.6.1 server (not ready for 4.0 yet - lol) and thought I corrected the SITEINFO.INI file with the correct destination and port numbers (then unloaded naimas.nlm and reloaded on my netware servers) but no netware servers appear in epo anywhere - my older ePO server received them OK.
      Any Ideas - do i need to re-install the epo agent on my netware servers - trying to avoid that etc.
      Anyone have a samp[le siteinfo.ini or do i need other solutions
      any help would be appreciated.
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          My Netware servers would check in, however you need EPO 361 SP2 for full functionality. It fixes issues with non-windows epo agents communicating to the server.

          Also, turn on logging on the netware epo agent to see what is happening. I can't remember off the top of my head the command, just search the KB.
          • 2. epo on Netware

            I think it nainae 1.
            we also found that modifying the "Registry.ini" on the netware servers in the epoagent dir did the trick.
            We replaced the SITEINFO.INI file on each netware server with the correct pointers in it - to our newer epo server
            We then deleted the values: agentsecretkey,agentpublickey and serverpublickey
            Stopped and restarted the naimas32.nlm
            the "registry.ini" corrected itself (probably with unique numbers) and the netware servers started to appear on my new epo server, i then deleted them from my old netware server.


            the Siteinfo.ini file reverted back to the old - and the netware servers are now appearing on my old epo server - ****** me off - LOL (i can't shut my older epo server down just yet)