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    Online Backup not working

      I have a real problem with the online backup feature of the McAfee Total Protection package: It does not work. My operating system is Windows 7.


      I have 3 licenses of the McAfee package. When I start the "Configure McAfee Online Backup Service", these three licenses appear with their keys. However, after clicking on "Next" nothing happens. There should be a configuration menue instead.


      I tried to configure the whole thing by deleting the Total Protection software from my computer and installing it again, but this was unsuccessful as well.


      I ran the McAfee Virtual Technician with the result that everything around the Online Backup was okay. Pure nonsense.


      In an online chat I had already some guys of the McAfee help desk working on this problem on my other computer which runs under Windows XP, but they were not able to solve the problem though they had even remote access.


      With other words, a configuration of the online backup was not possible.


      There must be a general problem with this unbelievable service. Had I not some very important files backupped on an external disk which I want to restore, I would already have absolutely abandoned the McAfee Total Protection in favor of another product. It is not reasonable to work hours and days on such a problem.


      I hope there is someone out there who can really help me. As I see from the discussions in this community, the problem is not yet solved.