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    AntiSpyware 8.5 scan problem

      Hi all

      can anyone please help me with my problem, i have tried everything i know of and i am tearing my hair out

      my setup:

      AV (patch 3)
      Engine 5200.2160
      anti spyware

      i have been using EPO for over a year now and currently have AV\AS 8.0 running fine across our domain, running XP machines (1300 clients) and running a daily Anti Spyware scan that basically runs every day at 9:30am and only checks for cookies and registry. this scan runs without problems for the clients.

      Now my problem, we are looking at 8.5 for both Viruscan and Spyware. we are running this trial on approx 20 machines. the AV software seems to run ok across all machines, but the Anti Spyware scan for 8.5 with the same settings as 8.0 grinds most machines to a halt. for approx 4 - 6 minutes every day the user cannot open email, or there computer stops responding. scan32.exe is taking 100% CPU usage. i have tried everything, been into the settings on the scan task and changes system utilizations to every entry all the way down to 10% but it makes no difference, i have uninstalled programs, added all available updates, changed times, deselected different entries and it seems to be on the registry scan its taking the longest, i have ran reg cleaners to tidy up registry just in case, but still same results. Anyone had the same problems? again, no problem in 8.0 but 8.5 i cant get it to work without locking a user out for 5 minutes. also somedays it doesnt run even though the user in online, connected to the LAN and the task is set to daily??

      its really driving me mad, i am trying to push the upgrade to 8.5 and this is the final stumbling block. any help would be greatly appreciated.