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    HIPS - CAG, IP filters dont seem to get picked up?


      Hi There,


      I am trying to setup a CAG group so that unless your on the coporate network certain programs wont be able to get out.


      I have a test laptop running my test policies, I have IE in the standard policy and chrome in the CAG policy (a quick refresh of google confirms whats working).


      My problem is the IP filters dont seem to work. my networking team have advised me that IP is the best filter across all of our sites and LAN/Wireless.


      I set up the CAG to use any connection type and the only criteria is the IP address.


      I added the Range - and this failed, then I tried added the network, still nothing. Finally i just tried the individual IP of this machine and I still cant get it to pick up and kick in.


      Is there something very obvious I am missing here, the guide dosnt give examples or samples of how to add details to this effectively? Im no networking or firewall guy and this has fallen into my lap to implement and its proving to be a nightmare....