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    Problem with McAfee Security Centre



      I've been running McAfee Security Centre on Windows 7 using IE version 8 with no problem since December 31, 2010.  Now, I am noticing 2 issues:

      #1:  About 2 days ago, McAfee updated itself.  Yesterday afternoon, all of a sudden I could no longer connect to the internet.  I had a tech from my ISP come over and check my internet connection and we determined that when the McAfee firewall is turned off, my internet access works fine.  I have no idea what happened since the McAfee update to cause this issue.  If worse comes to worse, I have no problem leaving the firewall disabled as I have a router protecting my system.  However, if I could get some help into getting things working well as they were before, this would be the best outcome.


      #2:  As long as the firewall is turned off, I am unable to enable the anti-virus real time scanning.  It simply will not allow me to enable it.  This concerns me more than the firewall issue.  Why does this happen and is there any way to fix it?


      Any help that any of you can provide with these mysteries is appreciated.