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    Problem with installing AV for MAC


      Hey guys,


      i hope you can help me out.

      Following situation:

      We use the ePO 4.5 and VSE 8.7 and 8.8 on our servers and workstations.

      My boss has several Macs and Macbooks.

      So far no AntiVirus solution.

      So i downloaded the evaluation version of McAfee Security 1.0 for Mac.

      For testing purposes i use an iMac with Version 10.5 on it.

      The manual tells me to install the the client for mac via install.sh on the mac.

      So i went to the terminal, changed to root (sudo su) and installed with sh install.sh -i.

      Then some things are going on there (I´m not relly into the Mac-thing).

      So it seems he finished the installation.

      First question here is: how can i proof that the client is installed correctly?


      I found the system under the "found systems" menu in the section for "not authorized systeminterfaces" (hope this is right i have a german version).

      I copied it to my system tree in a new group called MAC.

      In my ePO i see the system but no information. It says that no agent is installed.

      Nevertheless i put up a deploymentjob for McAfee security, but that didn´t change anything.

      So i guess there is something wrong with the agent on the Mac.


      Hope someone can help me here.


      Thanks in advance




      So i guess i figured out that at least the agent is installed on the Mac --> see attachment

      I now have a folder under "Library --> McAfee --> see attachment


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