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    McSvHost.exe and Firewall fail

      I just allowed Internet Security to install its pending (overnight) update. Upon rebooting, Windows XP informed me that:

      " McAfee Services Host has caused an error and must be terminated."

      or something like that. At this point, the McAfee Firewall seems to prevent any high level connection to the network; ping continues to work. Also, as another thread here notes, right click on the tray icon does not work, and left double-click brings up a white box.


      I have temporarily disabled McAfee Firewall by way of msconfig. This at least gets me back on line.


      The system is a Windows XP SP3, running IE8. McAfee is supposedly (according to it) up to date.


      Looks like a bug in McSvHost

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          Have not seen that error recently did see it on shutdownown ages ago but that was patched.


          Can you post the various versions of Mcafee namely security centre and VS and firewall please


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            McAfee pushed an update this morning.

            I am back up and running the McAfee firewall (instead of Windows firewall).


            FYI, the information you requested follows. Note that this is POST UPDATE, since SecurityCenter did not allow me to extract the info. (or do anything else) once it decided that I needed to reboot.


            SecurityCenter     Ver 11.0 Build 11.0.555 Last update 5/26/2011

            VirusScan             Ver 15.0 Build 15.0.288 Last update 5/26/2011

            Personal Firewall Ver 12.0 Build 12.0.335 Last update 5/25/2011

            Site Advisor          Ver 3.3 Build Last update 4/13/2011

            Anti-Spam            Ver 12.0 Build 12.0.292 Last update 5/25/2011

            Parental Controls Ver 13.0 Build 13.0.286 Last update 5/25/2011

            QuickClean & Shredder Ver 11.0 Build 11.0.383 Last update 5/25/2011

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              Thanks good to see u now fixed.