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    VirusScan 8.5.0i UdaterUI.exe hangs user logoff

      Right now in my environment of roughly 600 machines we have deployed VirusScan 8.5.0i. It has been configured not to automatically obtain updates, however when users logoff the UdaterUI.exe service is running and they are prompted to end the task or to let it end but the task rarely ever ends and the machines don't logoff until you hit the End button. Has anybody seen this, know of a fix we could deploy? I couldn't find anything in the registry related to not allowing this service to run.

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          First, have you upgraded to Patch #1 on all your 8.5i installation.. If not, please do.. It fixes many such issues. Try this option first.

          Next, I'm not sure why you want to NOT automatically update.. Every machine automatically updates to the newest definitions and should be doing so.. It's necessary to update in order to protect the machine.. Why not update?

          If you really don't want the updater to run, have you tried disabling the "McAfee Task Manager" service? It helps control the updater but also schedules items such as schedule scans and such. It may not work for you but you could try. In addition, it may tend to restart itself after you disable it but it's still worth a shot.

          Hope this helps.

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            Hello, thanks for the reply. I don't like the machines to automatically update because we have a utility on our machines, (most of which are computing sites and labs - I support University machines) that is called DeepFreeze and it doesn't allow changes to be made to the hard drives. Therefore any changes that might be made during a login session such as the installed updates will be wiped when the machine reboots, and they will end up being re-applied on the next user's session. The problem is that then users will complain when they run into extended logon times if VirusScan is updating each time they log in.
            I don't know if I'd want to disable the McAfee task manager since it does control the scheduled scan times, but I'll look into it. Thanks again.
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              So how and when are the computers updated? Without current updates, a virus scan is basically worthless. Even a day or two late can allow viruses to infect the machine. Running a scheduled scan doesn't do much if a new virus infects a machine with outdated definitions. Spent money for no purpose.. A frequent online scan might be a cheaper option but obviously would provide no protection for email or standard infection routes.

              Hope this helps.

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                Hi. We keep on top of when new vulnerabilities are being detected through various university collaboration support groups and internal groups. When we hear of one we download the current SDAT files and install them through Group Policy over the network making them current. In addition that utility DeepFreeze helps keep our environment safe since it doesn't allow changes to be made to the hard drive meaning it doesn't let viruses become permanently attached to the machines or whatever changes they might make. Yes, automatic updates are convenient, but in an environment like ours letting that service constantly run can be inconvenient for our users.
                • 5. Have same issue on VSE 8.7i
                  is the original issue solved?
                  >> VirusScan 8.5.0i UdaterUI.exe hangs user logoff

                  I have the same issue on an XP box with VSE 8.7i SP1 installed.

                  shutting down with local "user" rights hangs on "end process" msg.
                  shutting down with local "admin" rights succeded.

                  thanks for your help

                  • 6. RE: Have same issue on VSE 8.7i
                    Hi WR,

                    Well this thread is over 2 years old. That said, I have not heard or seen of this specific problem with the newer versions of VSE. Note that the original version of VSE by the thread starter is version 8.5 SP1. v8.5 SP8 is now available.

                    OK, I have found problems when shutting down any NT based PC (versions XP/2003 and down) related to bugs in Microsoft's code. See User Profile Hive Cleanup utility (Note: Windows Vista and later now have this function built in.)

                    I have found this to be very useful at allowing for a proper and clean shutdown of the system.

                    Good luck,
                    Ron Metzger
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                      thanks for your answer.
                      Of course I know about the age of this threat!
                      But the prob seems to be the same...

                      This weekend I re-installed PC. Logged on with a fresh profile.
                      The issue remains.

                      Your mentioned tool sounds interesting. I will try a run this evening.
                      I will give a report

                      • 8. RE: Have same issue on VSE 8.7i
                        your tool did not result any faults.
                        But problem is solved anyhow!
                        I digged out that the "problem user" was the renamed predefined "guest" account for the customers AD Domain.
                        Seems to be restricted in any way by the domain policies.
                        Creating a new user is my workaround in this case

                        • 9. UPHClean could be the reason.

                          Hi WR,
                          Yes, that is what is suppose to happen. The tool may be the cure.

                          Microsoft found problems with some services or programs that are not going to respond to the shutdown command. Meanwhile, the shutdown command is expecting a response. Now Windows sits there and waits. Eventually, the shutdown happens, but without moving on to the next service or program in the process.

                          The User Profile Hive Cleanup Service injects a "move on" command so that Windows does not wait very long for an unresponsive program or service to stop, allowing other programs and services to shut down cleanly.

                          This problem leads to a possible (however unlikely) corruption in the Registry as those programs or services not shut down correctly, never commit to disk, entries that are needed in the registry. So another previous service or program causes this service or program to shut down incorrectly, and possibly leaving the registry hosed. It has happened to my clients before. So, I run the User Profile Hive Cleanup Service and these problems, including the ones you have reported, have gone away.

                          Have fun.
                          Ron Metzger
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