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    2 minute freeze after boot



      We are using Total Protection Service 5.2.1 on 30 workstations (mixed Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7 SP1).


      On 1 workstation (Windows XP SP3) the McAfee tray icon is grey (disabled) during 2 minutes after boot. During this time the computer freezes and is not responding to mouse/keyboard input. When the tray icon is enabled the workstation works normal again.

      I completely removed Total Protection Service (with the McAfee removal tool) and removed all McAfee traces in the registry, rebooted and reinstalled the product but the problem remains. I also ran McAfee Virtual Technician which found 2 unregistered COM components and fixed these problems but the freeze problem still occurs.

      In the event log I found error 514 about mfehidk (Process MCSHIELD.EXE contains unsigned code).


      A couple of weeks ago I had the same problem on another workstation (Windows XP SP3). I escalated this problem to McAfee support (SR # <3-1439661671>) but the problem solved itself after a few weeks on this workstation.