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    EEPC - Assigning users




      I've created an Access Group in AD for EEPC administrators, I want this group of users to be assigned to all machines as Endpoint users.


      Under the Container in the system tree  I've added the AD group to "group users".  There are 5 machines within this container.  Should they all just be assigned that group of users?  If I go into each machines user list individually there are no users listed.


      I've tried logging onto one of the machines as a user and the Add Local Domain users option is applied and that is working and adding the account as an endpoint user so I don't think there is any LDAP synch problems



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          ok so it may be working but still have an issue, 


          Once I logged in with a user account on the machine and that user was added through "add local domain users" the encyption eventually started.

          When I restarted I was able to enter the usernames that are iherited from the secure group I have assigned to the container above the workstations.


          However, After encypting another machine and trying some accounts from the inherited secure group they were not picking up the passwords already set previosuly on the other machine.  is there are setting I have missed? I was under the impression once a password is set for a user it should use the same details on any machine that user is assigned to.  This is currently not happening.