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    Windows system restore point cleaner not functioning

      McCafe used to have a built in system restore point cleaner. Now they dont and my windows cleaner wont clean the system restore points.

      On a hard drive (C:) that should have 90 gigs memory, its now running below 60, because of this.

      Any help would be helpful.

      The only  thing i have been doing up till now is uninstalling mccafe, installing the original software from disc with the system restore point cleaner and then updating mccafe but doing this i dont think is good idea as mc cafe updates dont seem to come all at the same time, and i think i may be waiting a couple of months for the mc cafe updates to get the software right up to date.

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          Ok version 2010 and 2011 hasn't. You mean in quickclean? The request went out to include back the abilities that were dumped but this 1 seems not to have got the nod. Will ping the techs and discuss next call to them.


          Can't you just disable system restore and reenable it?


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            Peter M

            You can easily clean you restore points by either turning them off altogether temporarily, or you can clean all but the most recent one, using the disk cleanup utility in Windows.


            But you say that utility isn't working?   Any popup errors or anything showing in Event Viewer as to why?


            Are you using Registry Cleaners by any chance?  That is a very common result - corrupted files and processes.   I don't recommend them at all.


            What operating system and service pack is this?



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              thanks for the replies.

              yes, turning system restore point off and on. wonderful. thanks.works fine.

              should have tried this b4 . sorry to waste your time.


              yup; used mccafe disc cleanup several times so i would assume this is why windows system restore point cleaner is not working.

              will stop using mccafe disc clean and try in a few months. no worries either way as the above sorts it out.

              by the way, its windows vista home premium 64 bit service pack 2;

              i looked at the event viewer but i dont know where to look for the right info.(no pop up errors)(in regards to windows cleaner).

              thankyou very much.


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                Peter M

                Windows cleans itself up at regular intervals too, so it's feasible that the restore points were gone because of that.   I've often wondered why all of a sudden I have no restore points in my Vista and Windows 7 installations and have always put it down to that.