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    PUP named "Adware-Url.gen" found during full scans...twice now


      Good morning everyone,


           I have noticed (within the past 3 days) a potentially unwanted program named, Adware-Url.gen has been discovered during two different full scans (performed on separate days) with McAfee.  When McAfee asks what action I wish to take, I've placed it in the Quarantined Potentially Unwanted Programs section.  I've checked McAfee's virus information resources and all I can see is this appears to be some type of cookie; It states it is not a virus or trojan.


      My questionDoes anyone else ever see this PUP showing-up and/or have any idea where it is coming from in the first place?


      Thank you for your time and review!  


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          Correct. Not a virus, not a trojan. Adware-url.gen is pretty much what the name says it is, a by-product of an adware program.

          This is a generic detection covering URL shortcut files created by various Adware programs.  These files do not directly impact system performance, but may clutter a user's desktop, start menu, favorites, and other folders.  Such URL shortcuts are meant to direct users to web pages that contain advertising content.


          It's a generic name for a class of PUP so it won't tell you which adware program created it. If you want to prevent them from loading up in the first place you need to get an add-on for your browser to stop adware at source. There's a whole range of these, do a search in the Get Add-Ons section and pick one you like the look of.

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            Thanks very much for the detailed info Hayton...as always!