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    I cannot uninstall VSE 8.7


      I tried to update the VSE to version 8.8 using epo, but for some reason it did not uninstall 8.7 and install 8.8 successfully.

      On epo it shows the machine version has 8.8 already but does not have a DAT file.


      I ended up trying to install 8.8 manually by running the installer but it detects that I still have the old version since it asks if I want to preserve the settings of the old version and as I go through the installation last page says installation got interrupted.


      I tried to ran the SuperDAT to completely uninstall the old version but to no luck.


      When I try to uninstall VSE 8.7 on add/remove programs, it comes up with the window for me to browse to the path where the 8.7 installer is located.

      I managed ti direct it to the path but it says that the path is on a network so it won't proceed.


      Any suggestion?