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    SMTPO Queue monitoring


      Is it possible, either internally (Alert) or externally (SNMP) to monitor how many email there is in the SMTPO queue and if it reach 1000 msg, send an alarm?


      Better yet, if the the number of undelivered message reach a certain level, to send a warning?


      One local provider just decide before the week-end to block one of our appliance that manager our customer mailing-list.  Evidently, it was a 3 days week-end and nobody notice until this morning...  Worse is that our servers have been on the whitelist from this provider since 2004...  :-(




      PS: This is a 6.7.2 server.

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          The alert system is already set up to send alerts when message counts exceede values that can be adjusted.  To set the limits for message counts, go to Administration --> Health Monitor --> Configuration.  The settings are those for the "Unprocessed message threshold for Outbound Queue" and "Unprocessed message threshold for all Queues".  If you then go to Administration --> Health Monitor --> Configure Alerts, you can set alert levels for the various tests, for example SMTP Outbound Queue Count Test and Super Queue Count Test.


          What alerts are then sent are configured on the Reporting --> Alert Manager --> Alert Mechanism page.  Here you can set class, type (level) and mode (email, pager, SNMP trap) for when a certain alert is triggered.  By default, SMTPO and SuperQ are both in the Mail class.  The type is what was configured on the Health Monitor Alerts Configure page.  When the options are selected, press Add and you will get the delivery options for the mode selected.

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            Also, you can SNMP poll the IronMail to get a total of the messages in SMTPO and SuperQ (with a short bit of delay).


            Using the standard snmpwalk tool:

            snmpwalk -v 2c -m CT-SNMP-PUBLIC-MIB.txt -c public ironmail.domain.com ctQueueLevel


            You can get the MIB at from our FTP server.

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              Fact is that thoses alerts were allready define a long time ago,  I had forgot about them!!!  I can see Error alert in the Alert viewer but with a status of Not delivered.


              Is there a place to test one of those alert?


              Generated ByWATCH
              Applicable ToSMTPO
              Details4555 messages idle


              Is there a way to test thoses alert and find out why the smtp message doesn't get out?

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                OK, found out the stupid error.  Look like a Copy/past of the email address included an extra caracter at the end of the data but since it was never fully display on the page, I never notice!!!


                Fact is that those alerts were working before.  It seem that in the migrations from 6.5.4 to 6.7.2, an extra caracter (CR or LF or ???) was add at the end of the destination e-mail field.  Somebody having done the same migration care to check his e-mail alert user Address?


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                  OK, found the OID and created a test monitor in WhatsUp.  Will see how it will work


                  Object ID:

                  Label:  iso.org.dod.internet.private.enterprises

                  Description: "Number of messages currently being processed by queues"


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