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    Netshield for Netware Server Manager - Help!

      Hi There,
      I'm having a problem with Netshield, this has to do with updating the virus definitions on the server. I'm trying to install DAT file updates directly from a zip file without using the AutoUpdate utility. This is not recommended but where I work, it seems this must be completed. I went to the following website:


      and viewed the ReadMe.txt for instructions. My problem is that when loading netshield....it automatically unloads itself after 1 second. Is there any way of fixing this??
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          I dont use netshield myself but the first questions you need to answer are what version and patch level of netshield are you using?

          also are you following the instructions as specified below?


          To install DAT file updates directly from a ZIP
          file WITHOUT using the AutoUpdate utility:

          We do not recommend this method of updating
          your DAT files.

          1. Create a temporary directory on your hard

          2. Download the DAT ZIP file to the temporary
          directory from our web site. For the
          location, see "Contacting McAfee Security &
          Network Associates" later in this file.

          The name of the file is typically
          DAT-4316.ZIP, where 4316 is the DAT version
          number, such as 4321.

          3. Using WinZip, PKUnzip, or a similar utility,
          open the ZIP file, and extract the new DAT

          4. Log on to the server you want to update. You
          must have administrator rights for the
          target server.

          5. At the NetWare Console prompt, enter:

          unload netshld

          6. Back up or rename the existing DAT files
          stored in your NetShield program directory.
          If you installed NetShield to the default
          program directory, the DAT files are at this


          See "List of Virus Definition Files" later
          in this file for a complete DAT file list.

          7. Copy the files you extracted from the
          temporary directory you created in Step 1 to
          the NetShield program directory on your

          8. Enter this line at the NetWare Console
          prompt to restart the NetShield NetWare
          server software:


          NetShield uses the new DAT files in
          anti-virus scans immediately.
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            Hi There,
            Yes I have followed the directions. New DAT files are stored in the default directory. The only problem is the last paragraph, when you load NetShield. It seems that it loads for about 2 seconds, then it suddenly unload's itself automatically. I can't seem to figure out why...could it be that there is a crucial file missing from the directory? This is my first time using Novell Netware as well...so you could say I'm a rookie.
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              I've aquired the version and patch level of Netshield for Novell. It is Mcafee Netshield 4.60 with a scan engine version of 4.4.00. The virus definition version is 4.0.4984. Also when I go into the "Logger Screen", it states NETSHLD-4.6: Failed to initialize scanning engine. Any suggestions?
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                For a start i would install the lastest engine for netshield which is 5100.0194 from the link:
                http://download.nai.com/products/licensed/engine/netshield_netware/5100/NW5100.z ip
                You might as well download the superdat while there and install this aswell after a reboot.

                See how it acts after some updates.
                • 5. netshld-4.6 failed to initialize scanning engine
                  So, I'm getting this error now and the original error was back in '06. This customer has 5.1, sp6. I'm going to upgrade them to sp8 and get the latest version of mcaffee.

                  Which is the latest version/best version to use?

                  Do you think my plan of attack will succeed?

                  • 6. Scan engine failed to initialize
                    I've found that when you get this message it's because one of the NetShld NLMs is still loaded, usually mcscan32.nlm. Unload, then try to start NetShld again. It should start if no other NetShld nlms are loaded. The same thing will happen when loading the EPO agents if one of those nlms are already loaded. In this case you will get no error messages of any kind. You will get "OK"s showing all the nlms loaded, but then if you check to see if they are really loaded you will find they're not. You have to make sure all the EPO nlms are unloaded before you try to restart it. Same thing with Netshld: all the nlms must be unloaded when you try to restart.