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    Total Protection 2011 and Google Toolbar

      Running Total Protection 2011 on Vista Home Premium with Internet Explorer 7.


      My Google Toolbar has disappeared.

      When I right-click in the toolar area, Google Toolbar is checked, but it does not appear.


      Thanks, cb

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          Try right-clicking the toolbar area and unlocking the toolbars.  It's probably squeezed over to the edge somewhere and needs to be dragged over.


          Lock them again afterwards.


          You need to upgrade IE to version 9 for security reasons.  I also trust that Vista is SP2.

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            The google toolbar line seems to be empty.

            If I right click and select it, it puts a checkmark on the name, and puts in an empty line.

            I don't see it on the side anywhere.


            I didn't install SP1 nor SP2 - just plain old Vista.


            I'm not sure when it disappeared, but I know it was there before I installed Total Protection 2011.

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              Well considering that Vista with no service packs, otherwise known as Vista Gold, is unsupported by both Microsoft & McAfee, & will by now be hopelessly behind with security updates, it's no wonder things don't work.


              Read here about support ending for old Vista versions:  https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-1315 (Ended last year for Vista without service packs)


              There is help with installing Vista SP2 here:    https://community.mcafee.com/thread/2019


              So not only are you using an old version of IE but an obsolete version of Vista, therefore it's not surprising that things aren't working as they should.


              Get everything up to date, including the dozens of updates since SP2 and install Internet Explorer 9 - and then we can talk.


              By the way this may also help, Google Toolbar Help


              I'm actually surprised that the McAfee installer didn't object and say that the system was incompatible.







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                I've always been leery of big changes - if it ain't broke..., but I do keep up with "regular" Windows Updates.


                I've never been happy with Vista. I just got a new Windows 7 desktop and a laptop and promise that I will keep both up-to-date.


                I suspected that McAfee 2011 caused the google toolbar to disappear, which is why I posted here. BTW, I uninstalled the toolbar and reinstalled it and am happy to report that it has now reappeared. I will soon transition most of my stuff to the new desktop.


                Thank you very much for your help and for chiding me into keeping everything current.


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                  LOL re: the chiding but.  ;-)


                  Good luck and I hope all is well from now on.