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    Error 5022

      I was thrown into a new job recently as an SA, and have been put in charge of Antivirus and AV software for both the servers and workstations. We currently are running VirusScan Enterprise 8.0.0 with Scan engine 5100.
      To manage the software, I am using ePolicy Orchestrator Agent: Version:

      Lately I have been getting an "error 5022" on different workstations. The definition is on manager is
      "MCSCAN32 Engine Initialisation failed. Engine returned error : The DAT file versions do not match each other."

      I have only been working here for two days, and will hopefully have this resolved soon. I am trying to avoid having to reinstall everytime I see this message. Any help would be great. Thanks

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          What patch level of VSE8.0 are you running?

          Do the affected pc's show the correct dat and engine levels?

          Have these machines just been patched to 5100 from 4400 engine and if so have they been rebooted?

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            Yes, the engine is at 5100 and the workstations get rebooted every night.

            I found the answer, even though I am fighting to find a way to work it better. I downloaded a SuperDAT that is an older version. I run that on the workstation to bring the DAT down to a "lower version" and get the ePolicy and the AV working together, then run the update now so they are on the current DAT.

            The only problem I am having now is finding a way to push the superDAT to these specific workstations without having to do a remote desktop, or DameWare and log the user off. I am working on a script that I can throw on the machine and have it run the superDAT on the next log in or reboot. Any Ideas?
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              psexec from sysinternals/now microsoft
              give it a list of hostnames in a text file to refer to set the executable and rights you want to run it under. Run froma network location with appropriate switches.

              I use it sometimes for RSS installs/uninstalls and EPO removal and installs when i cant get EPO to work.
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                I think that might work. Since I am only trying to push it to a few workstations, that is the perfect command. I probably won't worry about a list of hostnames, as I repair and install as I find them, not as a group. Thanks for the help. It's frustrating to be thrown into a job and figure everything out on your own... esspeciallly when it's a computer job.
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                  OK, so here is what I have gathered (correct me if I am wrong). The error came when ePOL was coming up with a different "current DAT" than the actual Virus Scan. So the best way to solve it was to run an older version on McAfee Virus scan on the computer, and then run an update and they would sync up again.

                  As for how we push them out, we use "ps" commands on a command line setup. I have never heard of the PS commands before, but I guess it's just a group of commands that is installed in our bin folder and run off the command line. The main two I use are psloggedon, to see who is looged on a computer to make sure if I remote in I won't disturb a user, and psexec which pushes out the executable to whatever computer I need.

                  We have a few scripts that will push all the updates to every computer, but it still hangs on the 5022 Error, and there is no other way to resolve it unless I go in manually and roll the DAT back.
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                    We are having this exact same issue. However, this is a small environment and walking to a desktop is not a big issue.

                    However, I would really like to get a better idea as to why/how this happens. Thanks for the advice.