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    Few items now shown in "Quarantined PUP" section; is newly-added Spywareblaster to credit for this?


      Good morning everyone,


           A couple of days ago I downloaded the Spywareblaster program (free) to further enhance my McAfee & Malwarebytes security software.  Yesterday (May 23rd), I was on the computer (Internet) going to multiple, different, sites for over 8 consecutive hours.  When checking the "Quarantined Potentially Unwanted Programs" area in the Security Center about an hour ago, I discovered only 8 entries for May 22nd, and only ONE entry for May 23rdPrior to adding Spywareblaster, every day I would be on and off the Internet many times...the "Quarantined PUP's" area would have MANY entries!


      My questionIs this massive reduction of quarantined PUP's attributable to having added the Spywareblaster program?


      Thank you for your time and review of my inquiry!  


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