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      why does mcafee have like 10 different sites it takes me like 10 min just to find the right sight to contact them through. then i spend an houre just trying to get through i think i have a virus stoping me from accessing their chat and even if i dident it still takes 45 min to get through the last time they fixed the problem it was just a temporary fix i will not pay to talk to them because they are scaming people. they sell you something that doesnt work then they charge you to fix it.


      i would like to get a refund but i dont know how to get ahold of them a friend of mine thinks they might have went out of buisness wouldnt surprise me.

      dont buy mcafee internet security.............DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!


          anyone know the zip code for mcafee internet security so i can file a complaint with the bbb also the full mailing address


            McAfee have several addresses. Are you in the United States?


              qton, you have 2 threads going and not one of them makes any kind of sense.  If you want help please be specific as what it is that you want.


              As you are in the USA you can obtain a refund easy enough, it's a toll free phone call away.  Not sure how you think a zip code is going to help.


              There are links at the bottom of this page - 'Contact Us' and links at the top of this page 'McAfee Support' - I don't know why you find it so complicated.


              Not to mention a Google search for McAfee Headquarters brings up plenty of information.


              Telephone Customer Service

              To speak with a Customer Service representative, call 866-622-3911. You may be asked for your registered email address and order number.

              Average contact length: 10  minutes
              Estimated wait time: 5-10 minutes
              Hours of Operation: Available daily, 6am-6pm Pacific


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                from my end im not seeing any info i did find the tole free number though but thats only when i started looking for a refund. i guess they only want to help when i want my money back and i tried to file a complaint with the bbb but i need info like zip code. and as far as the google serch goes iv tried that and i went through 4 sights telling me they were just people who carry the name or some sort of bs like that and they couldnt help me i think they were sites that only sell the software. and i do know where mcafee suport site is after a little serching and some hit and miss and there was no suport to be had, iv had them fix my problem twice and they didnt tell me what the problem was they just uninstalled it and reinstalled it both times. this time i tride contacting them and i cant i can call them but they charge 10 bucks for the call and 60 bucks for the onscreen controle fix witch is what ill probably end up having to do. 


                it would be less trouble just geting a virus and dealing with that.......mcafee is a virus




                o yea and im in the us

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                  iv tried 3 times to reinstall both times i get the same results dead exe no responce when i click short cut or anything with the mcafee name in it i cant even uninstall, it does however go through the install but like i said in the end its the same problem. i just need help uninstalling it. so i can find a brand i can trust to be there when i need them and a brand that wont crash once a month. i would like for someone to take over my computer so i will fill confident that its done right but im not going to pay 60 bucks for something that i feel should be done for free.


                  i understand that a company needs to make money to provide a good service but mcafee is going about it the wrong way.  i would rather pay more for the service than be tricked into paying for fixes that i will have to spend houres on.


                  i know im ranting a bit but i have spent so much time on this that my blood is boiling and my patienc is worn.

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                    As I've already stated click 'Contact Us' at the bottom of this and any other McAfee page and there is their headquarters address & zip code for anyone to see.  Not sure why you are having trouble seeing it.


                    Support's location is irrelevant in this electronic day and age but online Chat is in India, Customer Service (the toll-free number) is in the USA.


                    You should use the MCPR cleanup tool to clean all traces of McAfee from your machine.  It is linked through Useful Links at the top of this page.


                    Reboot afterwards and the software will be gone.


                    Starting a thread titled Shady Business Practices in a forum staffed by unpaid volunteers is hardly going to get you much help I'm afraid.  Also we cannot even discuss anything with you if you are taking legal recourse.


                    That's between you, your legal representation and McAfee's legal department.   It can't be discussed here.


                    All security software companies charge for live one-on-one virus removal so you wont get too far arguing that McAfee is unique.


                    If you want free virus removal then post your questions on an independant help forum such as Malwarebytes or BleepingComputer or similar.


                    They give lots of advice for free.  We are limiited in what we can offer but I did do a help article here:  https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2168



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                      I just amended the above post to include additional information.