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    auto update hanging machines



      Quite a few of my users are complaining that their machines are really slow once they have logged in each morning, after some investigating it appears that its because virusscan 8.8 is trying to do an update. During this time the machine is dead slow but after a while (about 10 minutes) it fails saying Update is cancelled by the user.


      Each office gets its updates from its local file server which is set up 100/full the client machines, mainly XP, all have their NIC's set to auto.


      Does anyone else have problems with auto updates failing and hanging machines during the updates?


      Also how can i can change the autoupdate settings?


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          Ive now manage to change the autoupdate settings, to do it on a daily basis at 12.30 for the time being.


          If i select the antivirus to update on system startup is this before the user logs in? What would be the best schedule type for updating the AV?