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    "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Error" crashes my PC (Virus?)

      Hi Everyone, My operating system is Windows XP. I recently encounter a "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Error" message that pops up and causes my PC to froze and when it happens, there is nothing I could do except shut down the PC manually and restart it. About three days ago, when I was surfing the web, I small window of 'malware-doctor' suddenly pops up saying my PC got various virus infections, but as I knew it was likely to be a scam, I just ignored and closed it. However, after that I found 'malware-doctor' appeared in the start list 'Programs', but I never install that software in my PC. I therefore used the up-to-date McAfee anti-virus to run an entire scan of my PC, it was found there were trojans, but had all been deleted and the 'malware-doctor' no longer appear in the start list. But now, I've encountered the "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Error", the problem, which does not occur when I was using the PC, but it comes when the PC was not being used for a long time. It happened twice so far, and the PC was left online while not being used. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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          This used to happen in XP with Service Pack 2. What is your XP version (Home/Pro) and which SP are you on (2 or 3)?


          Before you do anything else, go to Microsoft Update and download and install any updates for your machine, both Critical and Optional. Then run MVT to make sure your McAfee DATs are up to date, and run a McAfee Quick Scan (you've already done a Full Scan, this is just a precaution).


          If you've got spyware on your PC you can safely run Windows Defender alongside McAfee : they do different things, and don't conflict (on XP, at least). Download, install, and run a quick scan with that. See what - if anything - it finds. Its main benefit is that it closely monitors key system settings and alerts you if any unknown program tries to change them (you can tell it to trust programs, so the warnings aren't very frequent).


          Tell us if you still get the messages - and if possible take screenshots of them and post them here. They usually contain useful information.