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    Still Getting to https URLs



      I just installed McAfee Family Protection this afternoon. I thought I had blocked access to all https addresses. I did this in two places:


      1) on web site block list for all users, I added an entry. It reads literally as an entry in the Blocked Websites list:: "*https (all users)"

      2) on Advanced Settings, under Website Blocking, I have checked "Filter secure (HTTPS/SSL) websites based on category".


      However, you can still go to https sites. Even this community is https, and as I speak I am writing to "https://community.mcafee.com/post!input.jspa?container=2009&containerType=14"


      This is the main reason I bought this software. What is the deal?



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          I don't have this, so I'm no expert, but it looks as if website blocking is intended to be on a per-site basis.

          Custom Site Lists

          This feature empowers you to the next level by allowing you to customize web blocking by listing sites you wish to allow or deny access to.

          Banning A Website:  To ban a speci c site, simply click the “Ban Site” button and type the URL into the “Site Address” box then click “Add Site.”


          Trying to block all secure (HTTPS) sites probably wouldn't work, since you're trying to block many sites based on a description of the security method used to connect to them. Even selecting the option in Advanced Settings just makes sure that Family Protection applies your restriction categories to https sites.  If you think this is a major shortcoming in the product, why not post a product improvement suggestion in the Product Ideas section?


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            thanks for response. However, when setting up https blocks, I was indeed trying to enter a block for a specific url: https://google.com, which is the launching place for gmail. But, when I added this, the value it registered in the block list was what I said above: *https (all users)


            So, still not understanding why it doesn't work. Thanks for any more insights!

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              In fact, upon further investigation, it makes no difference what I specify in the way of blocked https sites.




              specifying https://gmail.com, and clicking the add button results in an entry "*https" in the block list.


              In other words, it appears that it only allows only a single entry that blocks all https addresses perhaps??


              Well, I could live with that, except that it isn't blocking ANY https addresses. I can still go to them with impunity. THIS IS THE ONLY REASON I BOUGHT THIS PARTICULAR SOFTWARE PACKAGE!



              This can't possibly be correct. Again, please, any idea how to resolve this is appreciated. Thanks!

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                I do not use it but as you just installed it you have 30 days free support re questions so chat or email them in Tech services link abobe (useful links tab)

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                  I've closed down a redundant and identical second thread and moved this one into Family Protection to replace it.