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    Trying to download an application

      I am trying to download an application that will allow me to view a security camera in my office on the interenet. I have ATT McAfee Secuirty Suite and the real time scanning keeps deleting the app and will not let me download it. I have called theTech support for Q-See (security camera and vcr makers) and the have told me I need to bypass the scanning. I have chatted with McAfee and they said I have a corrupt app and to send it to their lab. The Q-See tech support says  it is not corrupt because I can do fine when the Suite (real time scanning) is turned off. The file that I am trying to download is dvrocx.cab and the Mcafee security will not let me.  I can download the file with security disabled each time but that is a pain. Can somebody help me. I am using windows 7 and ie9. I am on time warner cable at my office. Thanks.