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    How to upgrade ePO 4.0 to ePO 4.5 using the same server?

      Hi All,


      I'm really need your advice here. Currently I'm planned to upgrade my existing ePO server 4.0 patch 5 to ePO 4.5. My production ePO server 4.0 bundle it together with SQL database. How to upgrade my existing epo 4.0 to 4.5? Did I need to uninstall everything and install ePO 4.5 into that server as fresh installation? Do I need to create the policy again when this is done or upgrade and please anyone provide me the details of this upgrade and what is the current impact when this is done. Would I need to perform any changes on the client, installation of the agent or etc?


      Really appreciate your reply..

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          When you are planning to upgrade then you don't have to uninstall and reinstall the software.


          Regarding the upgrade instructions, Please refer to ePO 4.5 installation guide. Page 20 talks about upgrade from ePO 4.0


          In addition to this, I will suggest you to follow ePO 4.0 diaster recovery document, KB#:KB51438.


          The KB talks about migrating the ePO to new hardware but please backup the database, ePO folders as per this KB.