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    5100 engine from engine update causing abends

      Running Netware 6 SP5.

      Downloaded Engine Update for Netware, getting 1-2 abends daily, usually from NETSLHD.NLM or MCSCAN32.NLM

      Netshield was included in Netware Small Business Server V6 package.

      Don't see much in these forums on abends. The one's I've found have a reference to 4.63 and/or 4.63a updates. My Netshield screen on server says 4.60, but Netshield Console (on Windows machine} says 4.62

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.

      I did the original install back in 2002 and have supported install since. I don't recall anything about and grant number used with the Novell SB Server package. Is there anything of the sort?