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    upgrade and move database to new server

      Hello all, i want to update my epolicy software from 4.0.0 to 4.50 sp1 and change the location of the sql database and really do not know where to begin as the epo was installed by someone else.

      My current set up is 1x windows 2003 server with epo 4.0.0 on  and 1 x windows 2003 server with sql server 2005 standard hosting the epo database.

      the reason for the upgrade is that the sql server also hosted other databases that required moving to sql server 2008 so i now have sql server 2008 and sql server 2005 on this server and its bogged down..


      I am happy to scrap the lot  and start again if this has a minimal effect on my workstations?

      some questions i have include

      1. Can i scrap the lot and start again on the same epo server whilst moving the databse to another sql server and if so How will the update effect my clients, will i need to install framework package on my existing clients with the new server details?

      2. is it best to do a clean install all will i lose too much historical info and also will i need to create the epo computer groups again?

      3. Can i migrate the existing database to a new sql server and then do an in place upgrade of the existing epo install if so how?


      i am asking a lot i know this so thanks in advance for any pointers or advice

      kind regards