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    Firewall blocks ICS (Internet connection sharing)


      I have two lap-tops:


      1. "Host" laptop (Vista) connected to the Internet via wired LAN with Total Protection installed

      2. "Guest" laptop (Win7) with Total Protecton installed


      I create a wifi ad-hoc connection between those computers (manually giving 192.168.0.xx -style IPs) and enable ICS on the LAN connection of the 1st laptop.

      The network is established fine but has no internet connectivity (although Win7 Network and sharing center on the 2nd laptop says it has internet access) - applications can't reach internet.


      When I disable firewall on the 1st laptop everything works just fine, programms on the second have internet access.


      IP of the 2nd laptop is added in My Network Connections with security level "Home" in the firewall settings.


      Please advise me what can I try to resolve this.

      Thank you in advance.

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