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    Should I install CMA 3.6? 8.0i Patch 15? 8.5?

      I'm running an ePO server 3.50 Patch 7, with CMA 3.55 and VirusScan 8.0i Patch 13.

      I need to update to CMA 3.6 for Vista compatibility. Are there any issues with CMA 3.6 to do with ePO 3.5 support or VScanE 8.0i support?

      If I take our VScanE 8.0i up to Patch 15, then could it be that users will be prompted for a reboot after the patch is applied in certain circumstances such has having applications open at the time?

      Are there any issues with adding VScanE 8.5 to an ePO 3.50 installation? With Patch 1?

      Many thanks,

        • 1. RE: Should I install CMA 3.6? 8.0i Patch 15? 8.5?
          It's up to you but... If you're moving up to 3.6 so you can be compatible with Vista, then please install 8.5i with Patch #1 because the older VS 8.0i isn't compatible with Vista. We're now installing 8.5i on all our new machines. VS 8.0i will update correctly on 3.6 so that shouldn't be a problem but the machines may need to reboot in some cases.

          Hope this helps.

          • 2. Virusscan
            i know we are running virusscan 8.5i without any patches and using protection pilot 1.5 but i cannot get virus scan 8.5i to install on our vista test bed.

            Is this CMA something extra that needs installing as im not sure if we have that.

            Or what can i do to get viruscan 8.5i on to our vista machine