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    As far as I can see,

      Mcafee doesn't have any Tech support. I have Total protection. I keep having this pop up come up and say Your computer is at risk! ant then I go and click where they say to click and it says that my real time scanning is off. en it says that McAfee cannot update my whatever and then there's a button that says help I click that and it tells me what McAfee Total protection does. But it doesn't do anything except send me around in a bunch of circles. I've considered that maybe that my subscription has expired but I did that once before and it was months before I got back with protection. They have a real technical website, but nothing works. I'm spending all of my time trying to get my total protection to work: hours and hours and hours! I started  this morning at about 7:00 and have worked nonstop doing the same things over and over because that is what it says do. I get to the place where it has the button that says Chat. On the [age in small letters that the wait is 9 minutes. EVERY TIME. I've pushed the button and sat as long as 30 minutes and nothing has happened. I guess that I destined to be without virus protection.

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          We need more details please.


          What is your operating system and service pack and are you up to date with Microsoft and other updates?


          What version of McAfee are you trying to use, is the taskbar icon square or shield-shaped?


          If you had another brand of security software prior to this did you run their cleanup tool?


          Any weird popups or warnings displayed?



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            My operating is XP, current updates. My acafee is a sheild. I've been using Mcafee for 5 years. The popups eventually take me to something that my protection need attention. Then there's a button or link that says that my online "whatever" doesn't work. I tried to just do a manual scan, but it wouldn't do anything. Since then, I have been trying to get on touch w/ mcafee in every way possible. I found the chat sight and jumped through all those hoops and waited the standard 9 minutes; I have waited as long as 30 minutes, staring at the icon

            I guess I was writing to find out if there was actually any tech support. This happens about 3 times a year. At least the impossibility of getting tech suport. I'm sick of it. The reason that I mentioned Norton was I had already tried that and realized that it didn't suit my purposes. The last time my mcafee went out it was 2 months before I got it fixed. I prefer to use my machine to do work and play dvds. I just can't spend all my time attempting to get my virus protection to work. I'm sick of it. Mcafee   used to have tech support. As far as I can see, it doesn't anymore.

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              I just tested Chat here and got through in 3½ minutes and it's the US one.  It can malfunction if you are using more than one pop-up blocker at the same time such as that in a browser and a toolbar for instance.  Try running the Virtual Technician anyway and see if it fixes anything, also check your system clock for accuracy both time and timezone-wise as it can cause malfunctions.


              Also check for malware using the FREE version of THIS software after updating it.  Malware can also cause this sort of thing.


              That's XP SP3 I trust?  Also what browser and version are you using and if not Internet Explorer, what version of IE is installed?